• desmondthesongwriter, I love your CD. Such heartfelt songs with strong melodies. Your tales of decent people struggling with poverty, the greed of others and racism really hit home. Happiness is Priceless gets regular rotation as I work from home. Excellent music!

  • desmondthesongwriter, my regards for an absolutely excellent album, can I get it in vinyl (My wife bought me a record player lol)? But the album is GREAT! The bass on the album sounds PHENOMENAL! Great songwriting, vocals, and the instrument parts are really cool. Continue to inspire others with your high quality music.

  • I have listened to the album 3 times in less than 24 hrs. I think "Happiness is Priceless" is a great first album by desmond. It's infused with a variety of great musical ingredients: 1. Talent 2. Creativity 3. Humor 4. Food for Thought 5. Life Experiences 6. Care for Fellow Man 7. Family 8. Values 9. Nice Rhythms

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